Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Icrisat takes up fight against diabetes, through legumes, fruits, vegetables

By Syed Akbar
The International Crop Research Institute in Semi Arid Tropics
(Icrisat) and the Asian Vegetable Research and Development Centre
(AVRDC) are working on legumes, fruits and vegetables that could
address the needs of diabetics and fight diabetes.

According to AVRDC director-general Dyno Keatinge, who was in the city
to participate in the world diabetes day at Icrisat, vegetables like
bitter gourd could help in reduction of the blood sugar levels.
Diabetics should choose fruits and vegetables to keep the problem
under check.

Scientists at Icrisat discussed the ways to prevent, treat, and
control complications arising from diabetes. A global diabetes walk
was arranged on the Icrisat premises. Icrisat director-general William
Dar said “unless we are healthy and maintain the right balance between
work and lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating nutritious food,
there is a danger of diabetes catching up with us.”

He added, “what we eat begins with what farmers can grow, and what
they grow is shaped fundamentally by agricultural research.”  Diabetes
care is costing billions and billions of dollars each year, yet almost
nothing is being spent to combat the problem from the standpoint of
agriculture. It is a tragedy that agriculture and nutrition research
have been viewed as two separate compartments; but at last they are
now coming together,” said Dr Keatinge.
Dr CN Reddy, Head-Medical Services, ICRISAT, reiterated that diabetes
being a self-imposed disease, individuals must maintain an ideal body
weight and an active lifestyle to prevent Type 2 diabetes

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