Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can we find God Particle in 2012?

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad:  The elusive God particle or Higgs Boson is likely
to be discovered in the next 12 months if it exists, says Dr Sridhara
Rao Dasu, senior physicist from Wisconsin University.

God particle is considered the source of the universe and a search for
it began 30 years ago. The mystery surrounding the universe can be
unraveled if the so-called God Particle, if it at all exists, is
discovered. Even as interest around the God particle gained momentum
after the Large Hadron Collider was set up in Europe, the USA had shut
down its Fermilab, which had been unsuccessfully searching the elusive
particle for quite long.

Dasu, who graduated from a city college, is now associated with the
Higgs Boson search team. He has been analyzing the data generated from
God particle search experiments in the USA and Europe.

“By end of 2012 we may be able to establish if Higgs Boson really
exists. We have gathered a few hints, but are yet to arrive at any
concrete conclusion. Once we find the God particle we should be able
to establish that it does not spin,” Dr Dasu said.

Delivering a lecture on the elusive God particle at BM Birla Science
Centre here on Thursday, Dr Dasu, who arrived in the city after
participating in the latest experiment, said scientists have now
zeroed in on the range between 115 to 130 gigaelectron volts to find
the Higgs. “We have now generated four times more data from various
experiments and are now analyzing it. However, the most interesting
region remains as elusive as ever. This makes our finding inconclusive
as of now,” he said adding that they may be able to find it by
December 2012.

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