Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fruits of innovation: Aero-arm rest designed to give rest to the arm and thus reduce the stress level

By Syed Akbar
Hyderabad: An engineering student from Visakhapatnam has
designed an innovative product, aero-arm rest, which would efficiently
reduce arm strain and backache in people operating computers for long
hours. The product is now pending for patent with the National
Research Development Corporation, Government of India.

Vikas Kumar Singh, 21, has been nominated for this innovation by the
technical review panel of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),
USA, for the top “innovator for world” (under 35 years category)
award. Vikas has based the design of his aero-arm rest on cognitive
ergonomics, which improves both health and efficiency level of an

“The idea came from the personal experiences. While working on the
computer for a few hours I noticed strain on the hand and even on the
spinal cord. A survey was conducted and discussions were held with
some of the senior professions, who are working in IT firms and other
organisations. They told me they too face similar problem,
particularly back and arm pain. This they said has affected their
efficiency and productivity,” said Vikas, who is doing his final year
B.Tech at Gitam University, Visakhapatnam.

Vikas was one of the Indian students to participate in the NASA’s moon
robot design competition held in the USA last year. “Although market
is flooded with chairs that provide rest to the back and help to relax
during the no work hours. However, there is no attempt to develop a
product, which helps one to work perfectly in the relaxing posture.
The aero-arm rest solves this problem. It reduces arm strain and
provides a comfortable work environment. It is a perfect robotic
replica with a new concept for comfortable work culture to produce
quicker and efficient results,” he pointed out, adding that he got
inspiration from his teachers, Prof P Madar Vali, Dr B Surendra Babu
and Prof PS Rao of Gitam University.

The aero-arm rest is designed to give rest to the arm and thus reduce
the stress level. The arm holder is fitted with a height adjuster,
which adjusts the height of the mouse pad. The degree of freedom given
to the arm holder is 360. The armrest part can be clamped on any
surface and then tightened by a knob.

Vikas is currently in Hyderabad on a “young researcher” fellowship
attending the ongoing Iconsat 2012 on nanotechnology. He has also
filed a patent for another invention, the rod cutter.

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