Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ballistic Missile Edge: DRDO tests Agni 1 missile successfully



AGNI-I, Ballistic Missile, was successfully flight tested from the Launch Complex at Wheelar’s Island of the Coast of bay of Bengal in Odisha. The Missile took off in the sky mejistically at 08.30 am on December 12,  from the Road Mobile Launcher and followed the path perfectly, computed by the explicit guidance running in the state of art onboard computers (OBC).

The AGNI-I reached the target point in Bay of Bengal with a single digit accuracy as witnessed by the two Naval Ships located near the Target.

The Missile test fired by the Strategic Force Command (SFC) as a part of routine training exercise as met all the mission objectives. The inertial navigation system (INS) performed excellently and navigated the missile within few meters from the intended target point. All the Electro Optic Tracking System (EOTS), Radar located all along the coast have tracked the missile and monitored all the parameters in real time.

The Launch operations were monitored by the Programme Director AGNI-I Dr. J Chattopadhyay and team of scientists from DRDO.  Avinash Chander, Programme Director AGNI & Chief Controller (Missiles & Strategic Systems) has guided the Strategic Force Command (SFC) and DRDO teams during the mission operations.

Dr. V.K. Saraswat, DG (R & D) DRDO witnessed the successful launch alongwith the top brass of the SFC. Dr. V.G.Sekaran, Director ASL,  MVKV Prasad, Director ITR were present during the launch.

Defence Minister  A.K. Antony congratulated all the scientists of the DRDO and Strategic Force Command on the successful flight test of AGNI-I

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