Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dr Mani Lal Bhaumik: Man evolving into a super intelligence creature with human brain growing bigger

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad:  Man is slowly evolving into a super intelligence creature with the human brain becoming bigger and bigger, says India-born American scientist Dr Mani Lal Bhaumik.

Dr Bhaumik, who discovered excimer laser now increasingly used in lasik eye surgeries to correct sight defects, says with the brain occupying bigger space and the size of the head growing bigger, one in four deliveries (in the USA) has to be done through caesarean. Once a super intelligence man evolves, caesarean deliveries will become quite common.

Man, however, may not evolve into a new species but will be born with a bigger brain and super intelligence. "The evolution may not take place with regard to physical features, but it is taking place in the brain. It is occupying bigger space as the intelligence goes up. We can see the change in our children, who are much brighter than us. Finally, man will evolve into a super intelligence creature with a big brain," Dr Bhaumik told this correspondent.

Dr Bhaumik, who is currently in Hyderabad to attend a week-long science and spirituality conference, said the evolutionary process in the human brain had already started and the emergence of a super intelligence creature is just a matter of time. Man will continue to survive on the earth for another five billion years, as he has no natural enemies. "We do not have any natural enemies except we ourselves. If there's no nuclear holocaust, man will dominate the earth, the moon and the mars as long as the solar system lasts," he pointed out.

Asked why man will not evolve into a new species but only as a super intelligence human, Dr Bhaumik said man and Chimpanzee, the closest animal to human, share 99.9 per cent of genes but it is the evolution of the brain that has made man an intelligent being. As the human brain evolves further, man will emerge as a super intelligence creature. "We are assisting our own evolution," he added.

He does not rule out the possibility of the super intelligence man enslaving the not-so-intelligent fellow human beings. "There may be things, both good and bad. But it will be a temporary phenomenon," Dr Bhaumik said.

Dr Bhaumik predicted that the average life span of man may go up to 150 years in the next 50 years. But the biggest challenge in achieving longevity, he said, is stress. "Stress is a big killer. If we live stress free and take good diet, we can live up to 150 years. With the help of biotechnology, we can increase life, fight ageing and grow artificial organs through stem cells," he said.

Research is now concentrated on telomere, (end part of a chromosome, which
protects it from deterioration), which gets shorter and shorter as the cells in the body divide. "If we could protect telomere from shortening, we can prolong life. Lifestyle changes, positive diet and modern medicine will help in prolonging the human life span," he said.

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