Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dr Mani Lal Bhaumik: Universe evolved from a single source

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad: The universe had evolved from a single source, and this "One Source" continues to remain unchanged even today, existing in everything, says India-born American scientist Dr Mani Lal Bhaumik.

Asked if this "One Source" could be called God the Creator, Dr Bhaumik said whether it's called God or Source, the fact remains that the universe owes its existence to it. Even billions of years later, the "One Source" continues to exist, unchanged, with its blueprint found everywhere.

"God is a name. The problem comes when you put Him in a form. God is abstract. He has no form. Many do not have the ability to convey with  abstract things. That's why they have created image of God. We come and go, but the Source stays," Dr Bhaumik told this correspondent.

Dr Bhaumik delves into advanced physics and cosmology to prove his point that the universe came into being from a common or single source. He believes that this eternal source exists in a quantum vacuum state, co-equal with human consciousness. Man can establish contact with this "One Source" through the medium of prayer. "Since we all are from one source, we all are brothers and sisters".

Dr Bhaumik, who is currently working on his next book that deals with "consciousness", is the city to attend a week-long programme on science and spirituality. "I have no answer as to what consciousness is, but my book will trigger a debate and people will think deeper to discover the realms of consciousness".

"All the empirical indications point to the fact that everything is coming from one source. We can see 100 billion galaxies in a universe. Every side you see, the universe is 60 billion light years away, and it is expanding further. But everything came from a space smaller than a peck of dust. The universe has a blueprint in this space and it is still present everywhere," he pointed out.

Equating the offerings made to God with "bribe", Dr Bhaumik said "we give bribe to get things done, anything offered to God is nothing short of bribing". Referring to the concept of God in the Vedas, he said those who compiled the Vedas were the first monotheists. "The compilers of Vedas thought God as an abstract entity. But some take it as a being. But God is the source of everything, not a being but a transcendent power that is encoded everywhere in space," he said.

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