Friday, October 28, 2011

Nuclear Fuel Complex develops Incoloy-nickel tubes for pressurised heavy water reactor (PHWR)

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad: The city-based Nuclear Fuel Complex has developed
Incoloy-nickel tubes with indigenous technology that will save at
least Rs 100 crore for every 700 mw of pressurised heavy water reactor

India has thus far been importing incoloy-nickel tubes for its nuclear
power reactors. The tubes are used in steam generators of nuclear
power plants. This is a major breakthrough in Indian technology.

“Now India has achieved complete indigenisation of making steam
generators," Dr RN Jayraj, chief executive of NFC, pointed out.

The tubes will be sent to Larsen & Toubro (L&T), which will use them
in manufacturing totally indigenous steam generators, Jayaraj said in

NFC has been gradually indigenising nuclear fuel technology. A few
years ago, it has developed for the first time Inconel-600 (nickel –
chromium – iron) alloy. It was extruded to 160 mm and 180 mm OD (outer
dimension) and 10 mm wall thickness. Also, 17-7 PH steel was extruded
for use in aerospace, nuclear and chemical industries.

The Nuclear Power Corporation of India has proposed as many as 16
units of 700 mw PHWR. To meet the requirement for the new plants, the
Nuclear Fuel Complex had signed an agreement with the L&T for
manufacture of Incoloy-nickel tubes.

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