Friday, October 28, 2011

Prof Walter Mooney of US Geological Survey predicts a major earthquake in north India

Syed Akbar
Hyderabad:  A major earthquake of magnitude 8 and higher may
occur any time in north India, according to Prof Walter Mooney,
eminent seismologist from the US Geological Survey.

"Earthquakes cannot be predicted, but their probability can be
predicted. If one takes into account the historic data on earthquakes
in north India including those of 1896 and 1905, there's a higher
probability of an earthquake of magnitude 8 and higher in the region,"
Prof Mooney pointed out.

The probability or otherwise of an earthquake of higher magnitude can
be arrived at by studying the past fault slip history and computing
the spatio-temporal change of stress distribution. "In future
earthquake forecast may become a possibility," he said adding that
north India is relatively prone to earthquakes than central India.

Prof Mooney suggested that keeping in view the probability of a major
earthquake in north India any time Indian engineers should come out
with special designs for buildings that can withstand the shaking of
the earth.

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